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Wrist Surgery

Dr Stephen Kemp has gained fellowship in the Australian Orthopaedic Association and then gone on to extended sub-speciality training in his areas of interest.  He brings years of experience to what can be complex problems.  He is abreast of current technology and contributes to research.  His surgical expertise has been honed to a high level and his results reflect this.  Some of the common procedures in the wrist are listed below:

Ligament Reconstruction

To help stabilise the intricate workings of the wrist joint.

Partial or Total Fusion

To help relieve painful wrist conditions.

Management of Wrist Fractures

Expert management of traumatic wrist fractures.

Arthroscopic Assisted Fixation

To stabilise fractures for optimal healing.

Reconstruction for Rheumatoid Arthritis

To relieve pain and dysfunction.

Trauma Surgery

For a vast array of traumatic injuries involving bone, ligament, tendon and/or muscle.

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